What Makes Larkspur Elementary Unique?

"I love Larkspur Elementary since the teachers and staff truly care about the students and are passionate about what they do. Everyone is really a close knit family and I feel this is the reason that my daughter does so well academically."
-Bonnie S., Parent

"Larkspur Elementary is an incredible school. It is small in number but the learning is outstanding! There is truly a caring approach and teachers and aids truly look at how each child learns and adjusts to assist them. My children have thrived and both were reading mid-year of kindergarten. Plus they love going to school."
-Erin F. Parent
Erin F. Parent

"This is my 8th year at LES and I can't recommend the school highly enough. The beautiful surroundings, amazing teachers, and wonderfully supportive parent community are all ingredients for a first class school. Larkspur is truly a hidden gem in Douglas County, with its small class sizes, unique EIC programming, dedicated Science and Tech Labs., and its focus on kindness and respect, it's no wonder that my children have thrived at this beloved school." -Sally E., Parent

"I love EVERYTHING that Larkspur Elementary has to offer. One of the best things about this school is the small class sizes. The specials that LES offers gives each child something to grow on. One of my children excels in Art and she gets engage in that EVERY week. Another child loves nature and gets to experience that with the Outdoor Education. LES offers so many things and we are thrilled to get to be a part of it." -Jodi L., Parent

"What makes Larkspur Elementary School unique? Smaller class sizes, outdoor learning environments, a high level of engagement from the teachers, parents and administrators... all this indeed, but it's really the compassion, moral compass and long-standing tradition of quality education that put this school in a higher class." -Melissa K., Parent Melissa K., Parent

What makes Larkspur Elementary Unique?

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"I very much appreciate the effort and the hard work of the PTO at Larkspur Elementary. I believe that the PTO is a very important part of our school and the group recognizes the balance between volunteering constantly, and still letting the teachers and staff run the school. I love the enrichment program and the gardening. The school and its interesting curriculum brings the Larkspur community together as we work towards a fun and enlightening cause."
-Maria S., Parent

"I so appreciate the dedicated teachers and hardworking staff. My children enjoy the outdoor learning environment!" -Susan E., Parent/Teacher

"We were lucky enough to move into the Larkspur Elementary neighborhood. The sense of community that this school brings together is one of a kind. The teachers and staff know the kids and their families and work hard to help these kids succeed. My kids received a well-rounded education each day. PE, Tech Ed., Art and Music are offered and the sheer beauty of the area just adds to the outdoor excitement my kids got from attending this school. I am very proud to tell the feeder schools that my children attended Larkspur Elementary!"
-Kathleen W., Parent
Kathleen W., Parent

"LES has been the perfect place for us for 5 years because of its philosophy and small town feel. The emphasis on the outdoors is perfect for our environment and setting. Our children have a better understanding and appreciation of the world around them because of this. The teachers and staff are like family and have prepared our children so well for each level."
-Julia and Dan S., Parents/Teachers

"Larkspur Elementary School is a second home for our family! We are so blessed to be a part of such a school family and greater Larkspur community. From our small class sizes and wonderful specials that are offered to our children, to our wonderful PTO who for many, many years have provided many amazing resources for our children. Round that out with our dedicated teachers, who are the foundation of our school, I wouldn't want my children's education to take place anywhere else!"
-Rebecca W., Parent
Rebecca W., Parent

"We really enjoy all of the outdoor programming at LES. This campus is so unique and becomes an asset for expanding classroom concepts in this beautiful outdoor space. Having moved here from a large Midwestern suburban school 2 years ago, we love LES....quality teachers/staff and a welcoming community feel."
-Kelli L., Parent

"Great communities start with great leadership. Principal Oldham and the staff at LES continuously strive for academic excellence as well as the personal growth of each student. My child has received a great education and learned valuable life lessons that will serve her well in the future. As a 6th grader, my student will leave LES after this year as the best possible version of herself, thanks to the involvement of the academic professionals at our small community Douglas County School."
-Denise M., Parent

"I happily started volunteering with the LES PTO before my youngest was even in KG. She is now in 9th grade and I have 2 other children still at LES. There is no place like it - great teachers, small school that treats everyone like family, specials every day, outdoor learning, after school enrichment classes, and those are only a few of the things we LOVE about LES."
-Jennifer M, Parent


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